The Gender Reveal and a Unique Twist

Gender Reveal Boy or Girl

I recently had the opportunity to be involved in an awesome gender reveal photo shoot. Being pregnant myself I was a bit jealous of this mom’s ingenious idea and wished I had come up with it myself verses doing the same old, same old cake cutting thing. Many moms out there are looking for a new and exciting twist on revealing their babies gender and Ingrid V. may have just stumbled on that new trend.

We met at Robbins Preserve out in Davie, late one afternoon before the sun set. Robbins Preserve is a beautiful 60-acre park with lots of big beautiful trees, open spaces and equestrian trails, my daughter even got to pet a few horses that were passing by. I do suggest looking out for ant hills if you venture out this way and be sure to wear bug spray…ouch.

Its a Girl - Gender reveal photo

The Beautiful mom-to-be and her equally beautiful family met myself and the amazing photographer Nicki Kristof of Nicki Kristof photography and discussed how we could best capture this exciting event. I first set up a YardCard that read “Boy or Girl” with two storks and then set off some smoke bombs to reveal the gender. Ingrid having two boys already couldn’t contain her excitement at seeing the pink smoke emerge, this made for some super cute shots. After Nicki was done snapping these shots, I setup a new YardCard that read “It’s a girl” and we lit two more smoke bombs. They let the boys run around and captured some truly remarkable candid photos (my favorite) along with some amazing family photos that are sure to make for a very memorable experience for all involved.

I have yet to see such a unique gender reveal and hope to be a part of a new trend using my YardCards for such a special occasion.

Photos courtesy of Nicki Kristof -

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